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Dog training is the ideal way to transform your dog’s behavior.

No two dogs are the same, so it stands to reason that dog training should also be customizable. At Sublime K9 Training & Boarding, we offer our customers in the Knoxville, Tennessee area various options to choose from. We want you to be able to choose what works best for your schedule and for your dog so the highest level of success can be reached.

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Our dog training programs include private lessons, board and train, and in-home dog training lessons. There are also various program options within each category, so you can decide what types of training and results fit your needs. Part of the reason for the various options is to accommodate how much time you have to work with your dog to reinforce what they are learning from our dog training professionals.

Dog training is the ideal way to transform your dog’s behavior. Training can begin at any age, so don’t believe the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. With persistency, consistency, and balanced dog training methods, any dog can be trained to behave properly. We also take the time to explain to you what you need to do to reinforce the dog training at home, so the training will stick and your dog will continue to perform well.

If you have questions about our dog training programs or would like to get started with a program for training your dog, reach out to us today. We look forward to helping you have a wonderful relationship with your dog and achieve optimal happiness for both of you.

At Sublime K9 Training & Boarding, we offer dog training for dogs from Jefferson City, Baneberry, Knoxville, New Market, White Pine, Dandridge, Newport, Sevierville, Seymour, and Morristown, Tennessee.


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