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Your Dog Will Love Coming to Stay with Us!

Our training-based facility offers daycare for the dogs we train. If you’re looking for a great place for your dog to stay and socialize with other dogs, contact us now to sign your dog up.

Join Our Dog Daycare!

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Here are a few things to know about our dog daycare:

  • We only allow dogs that have been through our training programs to join our daycare.
  • Our daycare is a fun, mentally stimulating, and structured place for your dog.
  • We’ll provide your dog with free maintenance training during daycare. But if your dog needs extra work, you can add on training sessions during daycare.

“Kayla is a great trainer and genuinely loves all dogs. I cannot recommend her and her team enough for training your dog or just boarding!”

-Todd, GMB

Your dog won’t come home with bad habits when they come to our daycare. Contact us now to sign up!