Three Habits to Establish for Successful Off-Leash Training

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Letting your dog run off-leash lets them explore and enjoy the freedom to smell and see things freely. Off-leash training is vital for ensuring that they are safe while exploring. It’s important to remember that off-leash training is not as simple as teaching your dog to stay by your side. They need to understand a few different behaviors and commands that will allow them to roam but remain calm and follow your directions.

Three Habits to Establish for Successful Off-Leash Training

Here are three key habits that will help off-leash training be successful:

  1. Use recall training. Your dog should be able to understand commands such as stay, look, heel, drop it, leave it, and an emergency recall that brings them back to you no matter what (using a very specific, but less-used command). Consistently working with your dog to associate commands with a behavior will not only set a successful foundation for off-leash training, but also help them understand that you are in charge and will make day-to-day living easier for them.
  2. Make sure your dog asks permission from you. Dogs love to explore, and it’s a joy to let them run wild and free. However, you need to make it a habit for your dog to look at you and seek your permission before they leave your side, such as to greet a new person or inspect a clump of bushes. This allows you to ensure that it is a safe action for them to perform, and prevents your dog from running off and out of control.
  3. Rely on positive reinforcement. It has been proven that using positive reinforcement is much more effective than negativity. You also know your dog best, so reward them with what they most enjoy, whether it’s a treat, toy, praise, or cuddle.

One final tip is that you should never turn off your training when at home. Our off-leash training services can help set you up with a dog that loves to run free, but obeys your directions. It’s important to maintain consistency and ensure the rules are always reinforced. If you need help with your off-leash training, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!